12 Top Tips for Visiting Peppa Pig World at Paultons Park

toddler watching train ride on a sunny day at peppa pig world paultons park

Right, I've got a confession to make... I actually love Peppa Pig! I know she's a source of annoyance to a lot of parents but she's prevented an awful lot of tantrums in my house over the years and that alone is enough to make me a fan.

I've fully embraced both of my boys going through the 'Peppa stage', so much so that we took Finley to Peppa Pig World for his 2nd birthday. With Jacob turning 2 recently, we decided it was only fair to give him the same birthday treat, so last week we took a trip to Paultons Park to visit Peppa and her friends.

It was such a great day out but it took a couple of trips to really appreciate everything that the park had to offer. With that in mind I thought it was worth sharing what we've learnt to help you make the most of your time at Peppa Pig World:

1. Book your tickets online
It works out much cheaper to book your tickets in advance and paying for them online will save you from extra queues when you arrive. The great thing about tickets to Paultons Park is that they're valid for several months after purchase so you're not bound to one set day (perfect for when life gets in the way!)
At the time of writing, advance tickets prices are:
Children under 1m tall - Free
Individual (over 1m) - £30.50
Family of 3 - £89.00
Family of 4 - £118.00
Family of 5 - £147.50
Senior - £28.00

2. Arrive early
To really make the most of your day it's definitely worth trying to arrive early. Opening times to the park vary depending on the time of year so check the website for up to date times before you set off.
If your little one is a Peppa super-fan then you can treat them to 'Peppa's Early Play Pass' which gives you early access to all of the rides in Peppa Pig World (including the indoor soft play and outdoor adventure playground) as well as an opportunity to meet Peppa and George before the park opens to the general public. We liked the idea of this but sadly it's only available on selected dates. All the details can be found here.
Speaking of beating the queues, it's also worth mentioning that Queue Assist passes are available if you have a child who has a disability or might struggle with waiting in line. Again, full details of this can be found on the Paultons Park website.

toddler boy holding toy dinosaur and looking at ducks at peppa pig world paultons park

3. Check the weather forecast
Peppa Pig World is definitely the sort of place that's more fun when the sun is shining!
Our recent visit was on a warm, sunny day which was a total contrast to last time when we went on a cold, wet day in December. The weather didn't put us off but it did mean that we missed quite a lot of attractions because of spending so long sheltering from the rain. Obviously going on a sunny day does mean that the park is busier but it's totally worth it considering you'll be spending most of the day outside.

4. Download the Paultons Park app 
The official app is brilliant! I didn't actually know about it until my friend messaged me on the morning of our trip, suggesting that I download it - and I'm so glad I did! The most useful feature is a full list of up to the minute queue times for all the rides. We found it to be very accurate and it really helped us to plan out our day. The app also has a detailed map of Paultons Park, which you'll also be given a physical copy of when you arrive (but it's worth giving that one to the kids to keep them entertained!)

smiling mum and little boy sitting on a ride at peppa pig world paultons park

5. Bring a buggy
...Or even better, a baby carrier! We've tried both options and found the carrier was a million times easier but, to be honest, either is fine as long as you've got something to cope with tired little legs. It can end up being quite a long day so even if you have a confident walker on your hands, it's worth bringing something just in case. It also makes moving between rides easier, as well as getting to and from the car park (especially at the end of the day when everyone is worn out!)
If all else fails, it's handy to know that strollers are available for hire from the Guest Information desk. A Single is £8.00 for the day and a double is £12.00 for the day (both require a £30 refundable deposit to hire).

6. Plan your rides and prepare for queues
Peppa Pig World has 9 rides in total as well as other themed attractions in the form of Peppa Pig's House, George's Spaceship Playzone (a huge indoor soft play), Mr Potato's Playground (an outdoor play area) and Muddy Puddles (an all-weather splash park). It's possible to go on all the rides in one day, but be warned that you won't be left with much time to explore the rest of the park. To give you a rough idea of what's do-able, we were there for 6 hours and managed to fit in 8 rides as well as visiting Peppa Pig's House and meeting Peppa and George.
Throughout the day we spoke to a lot of other parents about how tricky it can be to queue up for rides with children. Kids just aren't built for waiting so prepare to come up with some creative ways of keeping them entertained (we used toys and lots of 'I Spy'-style games!)
Another top tip for avoiding tantrums is to measure your kids before you go since some rides have height restrictions. Once you know how tall they are, you can use this handy guide to check exactly which rides they will and won't be able to go on.

two children meeting life size george pig character at peppa pig world paultons park

7. Don't miss out on meeting Peppa and George! 
This was the absolute highlight of our day (yes, really!) If you head over to Madame Gazelle's School House as soon as you arrive and check the times that Peppa and George will be appearing then you can plan your day around it. I'd recommend getting there early as the queues build up really quickly (we were 10 minutes early and still had to wait for nearly half an hour, which was stressful but so worth it in the end!)
Alternatively, if you want to see Peppa and George up close but don't fancy queuing then pay attention to the 'Appearance' times when they will come out and perform a little show in front of the School House. You won't be able to 'meet' them but they will wave and interact with the audience the whole way through.

young boy pointing at large peppa pig family statues at peppa pig world paultons park

8. Keep an eye out for photo opportunities
If you're keen to see even more Peppa characters then keep an eye out for the statues dotted around the park. Some are harder to spot than others but nearly all of them allow you to get close enough for a picture. Our favourite was Mr Bull who was digging up the road (of course!) complete with water spraying out of a burst pipe in the ground!

two young boys sitting on a bench and enjoying ice creams on a sunny day at peppa pig world paultons park

9. Take a picnic 
There's a wide range of food outlets across Paultons Park, including 'Daddy Pig's Big Tummy Cafe' and 'Miss Rabbit's Ice Cream Parlour' in Peppa Pig World itself. A full list of what's on offer can be found here.
It goes without saying that you'll save time (and money!) by bringing your own food but the added bonus of this is that Peppa Pig World is actually a pretty great place for a picnic. There's loads of seating available with benches, picnic tables and individual chairs and tables dotted around the park. Plus you're never far from a bin (both general waste and mixed recycling) which makes the post-picnic cleanup operation a whole lot easier!

10. Don't stress about loo breaks
Wherever you go, you'll be sure to find changing facilities and toilets close by. There are some outside the main entrance (if queues are long it makes sense to stop here first) and some more just inside the entrance so you can make sure everyone is sorted before heading into the park.
Peppa Pig World also has its own toilets as well as a 'baby care centre' which has lots of changing stations, a breastfeeding room and a toilet cubicle with a child sized seat on the loo and a child-height sink. We were really impressed with how clean and well equipped these areas were - we even spotted bottle and food warming facilities on one side of the room!

toddler boy standing on tiptoes and kissing peppa pig statue at peppa pig world paultons park

11. Pack the right clothes 

It sounds obvious but, as I said before, most of Peppa Pig World is outside so the clothes you pack can make or break your day out! Depending on the weather, you'll either need to take waterproofs and wellies or swimwear and a towel so that you can have fun in the splash park. Comfy shoes are a must too, since you'll be doing a fair bit of walking around the park. It's also worth remembering to pack spare socks as you won't be able to go into the soft play without them (that said, if your feelings towards soft play areas are the same as mine then that might not be a bad thing...!)

12. Be prepared to part with some cash! 
Unless you've got an awful lot more willpower than me (which isn't hard really!) then you're likely to end up buying something from one of the gift shops before you leave. There's one in Peppa Pig World which is full of Peppa-themed goodies and exclusive merchandise. It has everything from clothes to cuddly toys and surprisingly none of it is too expensive (for example, an exclusive Peppa Pig World activity book was only £5).
There's also another gift shop which you have to go through to exit the park. This one is HUGE and stocks every type of toy you can imagine as well as snacks, stationery, umbrellas, ponchos, sun cream and other practical bits that you might need on the day.
The boys came away with a cuddly toy each but it took them forever to decide on what to get! If you end up in the same situation then it's worth knowing that you can buy most Peppa things from the online shop.

Have you been to Peppa Pig World before? If you've got any questions about visiting Paultons Park or think I've missed something from my list then let me know!

high up view of peppa pig world paultons park on a sunny day with blue sky

(Disclaimer: We paid for our tickets to Paultons Park in full, as well as our travel and all associated costs. This post and its content is in no way affiliated with Peppa Pig World or Paultons Park.)