Review: MamaBabyBliss Mama-to-be Bath Soak

Bath time should be a time for peace and quiet, calm and relaxation but these days it's quite the opposite. The bigger and heavier my bump gets, the more I find myself worrying about whether the water is too hot or too cold, or whether I'll end up getting stuck in the tub (it hasn't happened yet... but I'm sure it's only a matter of time!)

As much as I love a long soak in a nice hot bath, I'm more likely to go for a shower these days as it involves a lot less effort! So imagine my excitement when I received a product designed specifically for expectant mums, that actually makes bath time relaxing again!

I was recently lucky enough to win a bottle of 'Mama-to-be' bath soak from the lovely people at MamaBabyBliss. They provide a range of natural products and services for both new and expectant mums alike, and their little treat couldn't have come at a better time. It popped through my letterbox at the end of a long, hectic week, so I decided that a spot of relaxation was in order!

When I got into the bath, the first thing I noticed was the gorgeous smell. It's a soft but fairly strong floral scent, fairly similar to how you might expect a massage oil to smell.

After sinking into my beautiful smelling bath, the next thing I realised were how light and soft the bubbles were - not at all thick or heavy like the ones you get with most bubble bath mixtures that are full of chemicals. This bath soak does lather up but not so much that you get lost in a sea of bubbles!

Because it's specially formulated for expectant mums, the MamaBabyBliss bath soak contains ingredients that are nourishing for you and your bump, as well as extracts of aloe vera, calendula, lavender and geranium to soothe you and help you to unwind.

All of these things added up to beautifully soft skin, a genuine feeling of total relaxation and most importantly, the best bath I've had in ages (which led to the best night's sleep I've had in ages - a rare luxury now that my little one has taken to using me as a punchbag when I'm trying to drift off!)

MamaBabyBliss don't just make fabulous products, they also do yoga classes, massage classes, pamper parties and more, so make sure you take a moment to check out their website: