My pregnancy lifesavers

I'm lucky enough to have had quite a straightforward pregnancy so far, but now that I'm into the third and final trimester some things are starting to become more of a struggle. There are plenty of gimmicky products on the market designed for mums-to-be, but sometimes it's the simplest of things that really make a difference... So, here's what's been making my life a million times easier during the last few weeks:

1. Cussons Mum & Me sleep mist
During pregnancy people are always telling you to rest or get a good night's sleep, but it's easier said than done! I picked up this sleep mist from Boots in a bid to make dozing off a little bit easier, and it's worked wonders. You simply spray it onto your pillow before getting into bed and the soft scent of lavender and camomile sends you off into the land of nod almost instantly.

2. Comfy shoes
Ok, if I'm being completely honest, my beloved Converse don't get worn quite as much now that my feet seem to be getting further and further away! They are super comfy though and make walking into town or around the supermarket a little bit easier for my achy back. At the moment I'm also a big fan of Vans, ankle boots and basically anything that can be slipped on with minimal effort!

3. Bump band
Now that my bump is getting bigger and heavier, the simplest of tasks like standing and walking are becoming much more uncomfortable. I didn't see how a bump band would make the slightest bit of difference until I tried one on... And now I wish I'd bought one sooner! It's like a big stretchy support belt which stops your bump from getting pulled about too much when you're moving around. It's fab and wearing one meant that I was recently able to spend a whole day walking round the zoo without wanting to collapse!

4. Peppermint flavoured Gaviscon
Heartburn isn't something I've ever experienced until now and let me tell you, it's no fun at all! Anything from a naughty pizza to a healthy smoothie seems to bring on a chronic case of heartburn, which means that I've been living on Gaviscon liquid and tablets lately. Of course, if you know of anything that works better than Gaviscon then feel free to leave me a message in the comments section!

5. Pregnancy pillow
This is probably my number one lifesaver at the moment! As I said before, getting a good night's sleep is near impossible but having a pregnancy pillow has made it much easier to get comfortable. At 6ft long, it takes up quite a lot of the bed and feels like a big, cosy cuddle! I thought my partner would hate it because it's so huge, but I often wake up in the night to find him snuggled up to it as well!

6. Clippasafe bump belt
Although I don't drive, I do spend a lot of time in my partner's beloved car travelling to visit his fellow car enthusiasts, our families, friends and of course, lots of baby shops! Because of this, I decided to invest in a bump belt to make sitting in the passenger's seat on long journeys a little more bearable. Two little clips pull the belt down into your lap instead of across your tummy which not only makes travelling more comfortable, but also gives great peace of mind as I know that if we had to brake suddenly, the seatbelt wouldn't cut into my bump and potentially harm the baby.

7. Maternity leggings
I honestly don't think I could live without my maternity leggings - I've been living in them ever since I outgrew normal leggings and they're probably the most comfortable things I own! They look great dressed up or dressed down with nearly everything in my maternity wardrobe, so it's a good job I bought a pack of two, as I can still wear one pair while the other is in the wash!