Review: Mama Naked Serenity Stretch Mark Cream

Being pregnant has made me so, so conscious of how I'm treating my body. From shampoo to shower gel, fragrances to food, everything has to have its label checked and double checked before I'll let myself use it (apart from the odd sneaky doughnut now and again... I mean, who cares how many calories are in them?!)

One of the best brands around for worry-free indulgence is Naked. They pride themselves on only using the good stuff in their bodycare range, with most of their products containing 97% natural ingredients. Naked's eco friendly approach does mean that their products tend to be slightly on the pricey side, but if you're allergic to creams, bubble baths, washing powders etc. like I am, then they're worth every penny.

The Mama Naked range is designed especially for mums to use both during and after pregnancy. The full range consists of a bath foam, a hand cream and this gorgeous stretch mark lotion.

This cream is suitable for even the most sensitive of skin. Although it's quite thick and creamy, it soaks in really quickly and leaves your skin feeling thoroughly moisturised. It can be used all over your body and bump and because it's not greasy or oily, it won't make you feel sticky or leave a mess on your clothes.

Unlike most stretch mark creams that come in tub or a bottle with a pump, this one comes in a neat little squeezy tube, making it easy to take out and about with you. The packaging is cute, simple and feminine and being in a 150ml tube means that it'll fit perfectly in your handbag.

The best thing about this stretch mark cream is that it smells absolutely amazing! I can't put my finger on exactly what the smell is but it's a bit like marzipan or cake... Either way, my craving for sweet things has meant that I've had to try very hard not to eat it!

Sadly this cream hasn't stopped me from getting any stretch marks but the few that appeared on my bump quite early on in pregnancy have gone down a lot since using this.

In short, the Mama Naked Serenity Stretch Mark Cream means that you can look, feel and smell great throughout pregnancy without having to worry about chemicals that could harm you or your precious little one. I bought mine for £4.00 from Boots, and after using it regularly for the past few months I can safely say that it was money well spent!