Alder Hey Children's Charity: Daniel's Story

It might be nearly 200 miles away from us here in Bristol, but word of the amazing care at Alder Hey Children's Hospital spreads far and wide.

Over the years, several of our friends and their families have received vital treatment and support at Alder Hey so we're always keen to help raise awareness.

There are so many ways that you can get involved too and since the launch of Alder Hey's new Running Hub, it's now easier than ever to do your bit for charity!

But why do they need your help? Find out what Alder Hey Children's Charity have to say:

"Childhood should be filled with happiness, laughter and fun but when a child becomes ill, they often have to be brave and grow up quickly. At Alder Hey Children’s Charity we want to support all of the children who come through our doors. Everything we do is with our amazing Alder Hey patients and their families in mind.

Just ask Daniel Bell, and his mum Rosalind.

When three year old Daniel was diagnosed with a brain tumour he was rushed to Alder Hey, a centre for excellence on brain conditions. The tumour was the size of an adult fist and there was a possibility that the surgery which would save his life could also rob him of key motor and mobility skills.

Thankfully, his surgeries were aided by Alder Hey’s state of the art 3-T MRI scanner. The device, which was paid for by the charity, allows surgeons to scan the brain during surgery and assess the success of the operation in the operating theatre and shortly after recovery. The equipment was featured recently in an episode of Hospital on BBC2 (again, in a lifesaving situation).

Daniel is now a healthy and active six year old boy, and a budding actor besides, who was recently seen in a production of Little Shop of Horrors with his local Performing Arts Club.

He also raises money for Alder Hey and was proud to be named a Young Ambassador for the charity. So far, Daniel and his family have raised more than £22,000 for Alder Hey by collecting people’s Christmas trees. But this is just one example - there are many other fun and exciting ways that our fundraisers can help out, from bake sales and charity car washes to exhilarating park runs.

All of our Alder Hey Children’s Charity ambassadors help to raise money for the charity so that we can continue to provide vital funding for life-saving medical equipment and facilities that make a real difference to families every day.

Recently we have installed distraction technology within our wards to help focus the attention away from the treatment or examinations that need to be carried out by our medical professionals and entertain young patients with colourful, bright and positive images projected on the walls of the room. This immersive technology helps to transform a white walled ward into a magical world where children can escape from reality and be free from fear and anxiety.

To be able to continue to provide innovative solutions such as the distraction technology and provide vital funds for Alder Hey, we rely on the support and kindness from the public - and that's where you come in! Alder Hey Children’s Charity has recently launched a brand new Running Hub to inspire and motivate people to run for charity. There are delicious recipe ideas, running tips and even detailed running training plans.

If you think you're up to the challenge of running a 5k, 10k or even a marathon then make sure you check out the Alder Hey Running Hub and get involved!

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Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by, affiliated with or endorsed by Alder Hey Children's Charity and have not been paid to share this post.