[GIFTED] Review: Count With Peppa

It's no secret that we're big fans of Peppa Pig in our house - both boys have grown up with her so she's practically one of the family now! Even though Finley's nearly 6, he still watches the programme, knows all the songs and constantly asks when we can go back to Peppa Pig World.

The biggest Peppa fan by far though is definitely Jacob. He absolutely loves Peppa Pig and is instantly drawn to anything with her on so I'm sure you can imagine how excited he was when he managed to get his hands on Count With Peppa!

It's not often that educational toys are so appealing to kids but this Peppa-themed early learning toy from Trends UK is exactly that.

Count With Peppa is an interactive money box that helps children to develop their counting skills as well as colour and picture recognition. Peppa also teaches valuable social skills such as following sequential steps and listening to instructions, making her the perfect toy for toddlers.

Inside the box you'll find a cute Peppa-shaped money box and ten chunky coins featuring coloured numbers and pictures of everyone's favourite characters from the TV show. These coins are the perfect size for little hands and have a slight ridge along one side, making them super easy to pick up. They're double-sided too, so children can interact with different pictures depending on their age and ability level.

The idea is to post the coins through the slot and into Peppa's purse. It's quite an intuitive action so Jacob picked this up straight away. He wasn't expecting Peppa to respond when he gave the coins to her though! His face lit up as she started to speak and once he'd got over the initial excitement, he began counting along with her.

Inserting the coins is a great way to improve hand-eye coordination skills as they fit quite snugly into the slot, which meant that Jacob had to really concentrate on the angle of each coin as it went in.

Once the purse was full, Jacob found it easy enough to open up and retrieve the coins, ready to start the fun all over again! When it was time to pack up, we found that Peppa's purse made for the perfect place to store the coins and stop them from going missing (anything that encourages the boys to tidy up gets a big thumbs up from me!)

Count With Peppa is fully interactive so as well as recognising the coins, Peppa also asks questions, makes noises and sings songs. To both of the boys' delight, one of her three songs is The Rainbow Song, which is their absolute favourite!

The songs and phrases really caught Finley's attention and it wasn't long before he was begging his little brother to let him join in! Peppa asks questions that range from basic ones like "Can you find a blue coin?" right up to things that require a bit more thought, such as "Can you find a coin with nine bottles of milk on it?" meaning that both boys were able to enjoy the toy on different levels.

It was clear that Jacob understood the instructions as he chatted away to Peppa while they played, occasionally stopping to say "Here you are, Peppa!" as he pushed the coins in. Being an educational toy, I hadn't really thought about how good Count With Peppa would be for imaginative play until the boys started making up games to play with her (they had great fun pretending to give Peppa money to go shopping with!)

Count With Peppa is educational on so many levels but if you want to choose what your child is learning then you can at the flick of a switch. There are two different modes to choose from ('colours' and 'numbers') which you can easily swap between using a switch on Peppa's side.

Parents everywhere will be pleased to know that as well as being able to change the settings, you can also turn the volume up and down! It's so rare to find a toy with a volume control and even rarer to find one that's so easy to access (unlike some that are hidden under the battery cover, this one is in plain sight on Peppa's back). Speaking of which, it goes without saying that Count With Peppa requires batteries (2 x AAA) but the good news is that the toy comes with them included.

Count With Peppa is suitable for ages 2+ but all of these different modes mean that she's fun for Peppa fans of nearly all ages and abilities. It's great to see a toy that helps to develop a love of learning from early on in life and gives children the chance to have fun whilst getting to grips with important skills.

For children who have reached the stage where they need little bit of independence while they play, this toy is just perfect. It's so easy use and understand (even for the littlest of learners!) and completely safe for them to figure out on their own. Both Peppa and the coins feel really sturdy and since there are no small parts to worry about, it's totally toddler-proof in every way.

Jacob has loved learning and making friends with his new Count With Peppa toy. He's so desperate to be just like his big brother (who knows all of his numbers inside out and back to front!) but with the help of Peppa, I don't think it'll be long before he's catching him up!

Count With Peppa is just £19.99 (RRP) and would make for an ideal Christmas gift this year.
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