[GIFTED] Review: Snuggle Seat Bean Bag

Lately Jacob has been changing so rapidly that he seems a to wake up looking less babyish and more and more like a proper little boy every day! To try and keep up with all this growing, I've been spending some time trying to make his room more of a grown up space for him to play and relax in, so when Snuggle Seat offered us the chance to try out one of their baby and toddler bean bags, I just knew it would be the perfect addition to Jacob's new 'big boy' bedroom!

The Snuggle Seat is an award-winning bean bag that's designed to grow with your baby through the toddler years and beyond. You've probably seen similar products on the market but this one is a totally unique concept that came from real mums and dads who loved the idea of baby bean bags but couldn't find any that were safe, stylish or practical enough for their needs. What they've come up with is all of those things and more!

As well as being a really practical bit of kit, the Snuggle Seat is also a thing of beauty. The first thing that struck me as I took it out of the packaging was just how modern and smart it looks. We chose the 'Zebra' design which matches Jacob's room perfectly, but there's a whole range of different patterns and colour combinations available to suit every type of decor.

The Snuggle Seat blends right in with the decor of Jacob's bedroom

The black and white zig-zag patterned base is slip-resistant, which offers real peace of mind. It's made from durable, wipe-clean materials that not only keep the Snuggle Seat looking smart but also make it quick and easy to clear up any mess. By some miracle, Jacob is yet to spill, drop or wipe anything on it but given how clumsy he can be, I'm sure it's only a matter of time!

Of course it makes sense for the bottom half of the bean bag to be easy to clean, but I was surprised to find that the super soft cover on top is completely waterproof too. This is the area that's most likely to get dirty (especially during the sicky, dribbly, baby stage!) so it's reassuring to know that you don't need to be too precious about it.

If your little one does make a mess of the cover then all you have to do is take it off. The covers are really easy to remove with just one zip to undo and a protective layer over the filling to stop any beans from escaping. A gentle hand wash is enough to get the covers looking like new again and, as long as you follow the care instructions, then they should stay feeling soft and snuggly after every single wash.

Taking good care of your Snuggle Seat is even more important when you consider that they're designed to be used from newborn right up until the age of 8. Over the years, I've wasted so much money on baby and toddler products that we only ended up using for a few short months, so it's really refreshing to find a product like this that's built to last (and won't break the bank!)

It's all in the details - even the Snuggle Seat's quick-release buckle is sleek and modern looking

I'm confident that Jacob will get years of use out of his Snuggle Seat but it's such a shame that these weren't around when he was a tiny baby! Being the second child meant that I often needed to put him down in order to have my hands free to deal with his big brother (the poor boy!) so the Snuggle Seat would've been the perfect safe, cosy alternative to a cuddle.

What makes the Snuggle Seat so safe is its soft, padded harness, which is super easy to secure - you simply push two clips into the buckle (these are really sturdy and operate in a way that stops tiny fingers from getting trapped) then adjust the straps.

Once your baby is safely strapped in, the Snuggle Seat will keep them in a slightly elevated position which can help to prevent flathead syndrome and ease the discomfort of reflux. Then when it's time to get out, just press the button on the buckle for a quick, one-handed release - a feature that's not only useful, but also vital in case of an emergency.

You've probably noticed that Jacob isn't using the harness in any of these photos. That's because at the age of 2.5, he's old enough to use the 'toddler' cover on his bean bag. The Snuggle Seat comes with two super soft covers - one for babies (with the harness attached) and another for toddlers and beyond (this is a plain cover in the same snuggly material, but minus the buckle).

As soon as your little one is ready to use their Snuggle Seat without a harness, all you have to do is swap the covers over. There's no faffing around with fastenings or unthreading straps - just unzip the old cover, zip the new one on and it's ready to go!

Jacob loves sitting on his Snuggle Seat and reading books in his new chill out corner!

All of these handy little features add up to the Snuggle Seat being a fantastic product for babies, toddlers and busy parents alike. I just love that the company have thought of every little detail and it's clear that they totally get what mums and dads need. In fact, they're so understanding that they even offer a money back guarantee if your little one isn't happy with their new bean bag.

So with that in mind, the big question is - does Jacob like his new Snuggle Seat?!

Well, since having it in his bedroom, Jacob has started taking himself off to sit on the Snuggle Seat and read to himself, which is just adorable! He uses it to lean against while he plays, sits on it to get ready for bed (often stroking the soft cover while he waits) and carries it into his big brother's room (it's surprisingly lightweight!) to join him for story time.

Finley actually has a plain, standard style bean bag of his own but that hasn't stopped him from eyeing up the Snuggle Seat (and wishing that his had a funky pattern, too!) whenever Jacob brings it into his room, so I think it's safe to say that it gets the seal of approval from both of the boys!

Everything about the Snuggle Seat is bold and stylish.

The Snuggle Seat bean bag is available in a variety of different colours and designs. They usually retail at £89.99 but, at the time of writing, Snuggle Seat are currently offering up to 50% off all bean bags so don't miss out!
To buy one or check out the full range of styles and accessories, head to the Snuggle Seat website:

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  1. Brilliant review! We were sent one of these too and also chose the Zebra design. My daughter sits on hers in the morning to have her bottle and we love it! It's so comfortable and matches most decors x