[GIFTED] Bouncy Fun at AirHop Trampoline Park

Getting back into routine after the summer holidays has been far from easy! The thought of going back to reality left us all a bit down in the dumps so to cheer us up, Socialight invited the boys and I along to AirHop Trampoline Park, where we could bounce away our blues and jump into happy!

AirHop is one of the world's biggest trampoline parks and a firm favourite with the boys. Not only do they love going there but I really enjoy taking them because it's so reasonably priced and so easy to get to! It's just off the M4 at Cribbs Causeway, with a huge car park right outside that's completely free to use. If you don't drive then there are also regular buses to and from the Asda supercentre across the road.

As we walked through the doors and into the brightly coloured foyer, we were met with the sound of laugher and upbeat music which really set the tone for our visit! Even though it was quite busy, we were able to walk straight up to the desk and get checked in. Our booking had been completed online so the whole process only took a couple of minutes which saved the boys from getting impatient and me from getting stressed - happy faces all round!

If it's your first time at AirHop then you'll also need to sign a waiver to confirm that you're aware of the risks involved with trampolining. Again, this can be done online before your visit so all you need to do is turn up, check in and get ready to bounce!

After stashing our things in a locker and changing into our special grippy socks, there was just one last step before we were allowed onto the courts. Everyone who bounces is required to watch a safety briefing which gives you a rundown of the all important do's and don'ts. I was impressed at how well the boys listened to this but if you're unsure of anything during your session then it's handy to know that there are lots of friendly, experienced members of staff around to help.

We were all raring to go by this point so it was no surprise that the boys raced off as soon as we were allowed onto the courts. Neither of them could decide where to start though - there was SO much to choose from! As well of hundreds of trampolines that line the floors and the walls (yes, really!) there was a whole host of other activities for us to launch ourselves into.

Our first stop was the AR (augmented reality) games which worked in a similar way to a Nintendo Wii or an Xbox Kinect. I didn't actually get a turn on these because the boys were having so much fun jumping around and trying to pop balloons on the screens!

Next we headed over to the basketball courts where there was a row of hoops at varying heights and a trampoline under each one. The boys mostly stuck to the lowest one to give themselves a better chance of getting the ball in, but it didn't take them long to get the hang of it. The next court along was the dodgeball court, which the boys loved as it gave them an excuse to throw soft foam balls at each other (I think we've got a long way to go before they understand the rules though!)

One of their absolute favourite areas was the huge, colourful foam pit which had a line of four trampolines that they could launch themselves in from. We spent ages here as the boys took turns to jump in from the same trampoline and had races with each other on separate ones.

Being 5 years old, the session was perfectly suited to Finley as he had the confidence and physical ability to do everything that was on offer. Jacob is a very energetic toddler and although he's desperate to be like his big brother, he's still only 2 (and a half) so he can't always keep up with him. Luckily AirHop caters for all ages so there was plenty to keep Jacob happy from start to finish. He loved whizzing between the courts on ride on toys and playing in the baby and toddler area, which was full of soft shapes and sensory toys.

The only thing that was off-limits to him was the AWESOME gameshow-style obstacle course, complete with tunnels, ramps and super fast slides. It's suitable for ages 5 and upwards so, to make up for Jacob being a bit too little for it, Finley had great fun showing him how it was done! There are three lanes to race your family and friends through the course so in a couple of years I'm sure Jacob will be making up for lost time...!

Speaking of age restrictions, it's worth mentioning that we were there for a Family Takeover session which is designed for ages 2-12. This age bracket was perfect as it meant that the boys were able to enjoy the trampoline park at their own pace without the worry of anyone bumping into them (and it stopped me from worrying about the boys ruining other people's fun, too!) It also gave them the chance to bounce around to some familiar songs as the soundtrack was full of holiday club hits, Disney classics and, of course, Baby Shark!

Family Takeover sessions are an hour long, which sounds like a decent amount of time but it went by so quickly. We were all completely exhausted by the time our hour was up, so I'm not sure we would've lasted much longer anyway!

Unsurprisingly, we were all pretty hungry by the end of the session so once we'd collected our things from the locker we made our way upstairs to AirHop's café. It was so calm up there compared to the chaos of the courts, making it an ideal place to unwind and refuel after bouncing. The boys were spoilt for choice with a wide range of drinks (including slushies!) hot and cold food, cakes and snacks on offer. They eventually chose a snack and a drink each and we found a quiet little corner to sit and eat.

I was able to take in our surroundings from where we were sat and noticed lots of little Bristol-themed touches across the café, which really made me smile! These included a cityscape along the wall and hot air balloons etched into the windows. From our spot in the café we were also treated to great views across the whole of the trampoline park. If you've got older children (age 12+) and don't fancy bouncing yourself then this is the perfect place to keep an eye on them from (there's even free WiFi to keep you occupied while you wait!) Obviously I haven't quite reached this stage of parenthood yet but with a small soft play area and an arcade outside the café, there was plenty to keep the boys happy while we were upstairs.

Whether you've got kids or you're just a big kid yourself, I'd definitely recommend a visit to AirHop! If you're planning to go for the first time then take a look at our top tips before you go:

  • Wear comfy clothing - It can get very warm jumping around so you won't want anything too thick or heavy! I usually wear leggings and a baggy t-shirt and put the boys in jogging bottoms or shorts. There are changing rooms on site so you can change into something smarter afterwards if you need to. 
  • Bring a water bottle - Getting warm means you'll also get thirsty! There are water fountains outside the courts but if you don't want to stop bouncing for too long then it's quicker and easier to just take a drink with you.
  • Use the lockers - Having somewhere to store all our stuff means that AirHop is one of the easiest places for me to take the boys on my own as it leaves both of my hands free! There are loads of lockers available and they all use a combination code so there's no need to faff about with padlocks, coins or tokens.
  • Keep your socks - It's worth mentioning that you can't wear socks from other trampoline parks at AirHop. You'll need to buy a pair of AirHop branded socks (£2 per pair) but if you take them home after bouncing then you can wear them again on your next visit - it's more sustainable and saves you money, so everyone's a winner!

Going to AirHop was such a great way to round off the summer holidays. I loved that there was something there for all ages (I had just as much fun bouncing as the boys did!) but the best part was that it gave me the chance to have some real quality time with both boys at the same time. I was able to jump around and get fully involved in playing together without any distractions, which was way more fun than just watching from the sides!

We'll definitely be returning for some more bouncy fun there soon - in fact, now that Finley's back at school and we have less time for family days out, it's great to have the option of somewhere that offers a quick burst of activity together. It's all indoors too, which means there's no danger of having to reschedule our weekend plans and makes for a perfect family activity whatever the weather.

Family Takeover sessions cost £8 for one adult and one child. Additional participants are charged at £8 per person. Socks cost an additional one-off charge of £2 per pair and are yours to keep for your next visit.
For a full list of offers, discounts and details of which sessions are available, hop on over to the AirHop website:

Disclaimer: Our admission to AirHop was kindly gifted to us by Socialight, in exchange for social media coverage and an honest blog review. We were given complimentary snacks, drinks and goody bags during our visit but paid for our own travel. All views expressed within this post and across social media are our own.

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