Maternity Style: Monochrome Mama

Being pregnant is hard enough as it is without having to spend ages getting ready or worrying about what you're going to wear. As soon as my bump started to show, I realised that it's not easy to get your hands on any sort of maternity wear on the high street, let alone anything that's flattering or fashionable. Everything seems to be brown, striped or just plain boring and at 22, I'm not quite ready to give in to the stereotypical 'mum look' just yet!

Having spoken to other expectant mums, it seems I'm not the only one struggling to style the bump. So, in a bid to inspire others to feel both confident and comfortable, I decided to put together a regular selection of seasonal looks that are easy to find on the high street and easy to just throw on effortlessly.

The first in this series is a casual, autumnal outfit that's perfect for a coffee date, lunch with friends or for just popping out to the shops:

1. Two pack of maternity tees - £14.99 (New Look)
These t-shirts are a great place to start if you want to cheaply and easily update your wardrobe to accommodate a growing bump. Not only are they affordable, but they also look fab dressed up for work or dressed down for lazing around at the weekend.

2. Zippy monochrome cross body bag - £32 (Topshop)
I absolutely love this bag and think it really makes the outfit! The two tone panels make it a statement piece without being completely over the top, and the black zip details just make it that little bit more quirky. It's a decent size too - big enough to squeeze in everything you need, but not so big that you end up hurting your already aching back by filling it up with stuff!

3. Supersoft skinny maternity jeans - £19.99 (New Look)
We all know that trying to squeeze into jeans isn't fun when they don't quite fit properly any more, so step away from the makeshift trouser expanders made out of hair ties and get some of these! At just £20 these skinny jeans are another maternity must-have. They're really flattering in black, they look great with almost anything and the best part is that being soft and stretchy means that they feel more like leggings or pyjama bottoms than jeans!

4. Cable knit cardigan - £48 (Topshop)
Now that autumn is creeping in, the weather is starting to get chillier but it's not quite cold enough to need a coat just yet... So what do you wear?! My solution is this fab slouchy cardigan. It's comfy, it's bang on trend and the off-white, creamy colour helps to give this outfit a little bit of colour without straying too far from the monochrome theme.

5. Aztec arrow bracelet - £6.50 (Dorothy Perkins)
Geometric shapes are in again this season, so a bracelet made up of triangles is a great way of bringing this look right up to date as well as providing some simple finishing touches. This one is perfect for later on in pregnancy as it's made with stretchy elastic, so no need to worry about swelling!

6. Pyramid point pendant - £7.50 (Miss Selfridge)
Long necklaces are a quick, easy way of adding a little bit of sparkle to a casual outfit. Although it's from a different shop, this pendant matches the arrow bracelet perfectly. It's just as easy to slip on too, which is great if you're in a rush or simply can't be bothered to mess around with clasps! Being a longer necklace means that the pyramid sits just above the bump, subtly breaking up the outfit and making the t-shirt look a little bit less plain.

7. Zip trim biker boots - £45 (River Island)
These biker boots finish off the outfit perfectly and give the whole look a little bit of attitude. I just love the gold zip details as they match the gold jewellery and the zipper trim on the bag. I also love the fact that they're completely fuss free - no reaching over the bump to fiddle with laces, just slip on and you're ready to go! Most of all, I love the fact that these boots look so great whilst still being sensible, sturdy and supporting your back. Proof that flat heeled shoes don't have to be boring!